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Galatea [userpic]


October 13th, 2014 (10:00 pm)

mood: geeky
music: dingdang OST

I've been happily playing on the Vita since I got it the other day, and I'm now on the second chapter of actually playing Dangan Ronpa! (By which I mean the first game, of course; as much as I'd love to get my teeth into SDR2 as soon as I can, I feel like I should at least beat the original first.)

Man... I'd read the entire LP thread on Something Awful before, so I know full well what to expect from the whole first game... and yet events in Chapter 1 still had me tearing up. ;.; If that's how things are going to be, then I'm betting that Chapter 4 will destroy me when I get to that point.

Wibbly feelings aside, it is nice to actually be playing this thing for myself -- having crisp graphics on my screen, talking to the characters and hearing their voices, running around in the academy and looking at things in the hope of finding coins for the Monomono Machine, you name it. I did pretty well on the first trial, even if I felt like kicking myself at one point when I got a panel wrong on the closing statement; that said, I'm willing to bet they'll get quite a bit harder from here on out. I'm especially not looking forward to later BTBs... I was sort of dreading the very first one, given that rhythm games aren't really my strong point, but that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be (although was that just because I'm playing on medium difficulty and I had the Melodious Voice skill equipped?).

As for characters, so far my love for Chihiro has been thoroughly reaffirmed, as has my liking for Makoto (more specifically, the way he doesn't lose sight of who the real enemy is). Most of my other favourites are ones who show their best colours to me either later on or in Free Time events, but in the meantime, there are characters like Celes that I'm coming to have a little more appreciation for now than I did when I was first reading the LP. I'll have to see if my opinions change on anybody...

Speaking of Free Time events, I actually have a question about them: is there an invisible affection point counter, so to speak, where you need a certain number of points to be able to access characters' FTEs? I ask this because I just tried spending time with a particular character (whom I already got their first FTE with in Chapter 1) but after I gave them a present that they seemed to like just fine, Makoto just went straight back to his room without any further conversation with them. Did I do something wrong there? Did I just not get enough invisible points then, or did I just pick a bad time to try hanging out with Chihiro? =/

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