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Galatea [userpic]


January 15th, 2017 (02:56 pm)

mood: discontent

Sometimes I wonder if there's any point in me looking forward to anything upcoming anymore. I feel like lately, at least 90% of everything I've looked forward to has ended up being a huge disappointment in some way or another.

At least Pokémon Moon is legitimately good. I'm glad that was an exception to what's seemingly become the rule for me.

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Galatea [userpic]

Hello, 2017!

January 1st, 2017 (12:14 am)

mood: okay

Who wants to take bets on how many entries (if any) I'll make in this journal throughout the year? ^^;

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Galatea [userpic]

sneezy holidays

December 25th, 2016 (07:34 pm)

mood: sick
music: Dangan Ronpa 3 - Bad End?

It sure is great to have a cold on Christmas day! ... By which I mean it's a royal pain in the ass, of course. I hate having to blow my nose near-constantly and barely being able to breathe through my nostrils at night (after having taken relief meds, I should add). ~.~;

On the other hand, I've had nice presents like Root Letter on the Vita and a couple of Pokémon plushies today, so annoying illness aside, it hasn't been a bad holiday period at all!

As for how 2016's been for me... fandom-wise, I've fallen hard into visual novel hell (I must've bought, what, at least ten games on MangaGamer after making my first purchase from them in February?), Fire Emblem: Fates eventually came to the UK in May (I'm still not even particularly near finished with the Nohr path...), I've been on a wild ride with the Dangan Ronpa 3 anime and am currently looking forward to New Dangan Ronpa V3 coming out next year, and last but not least, Pokémon Moon's been awesome. There's a few more that I fell in and/or out of interest in, but the above are the key ones as far as I'm concerned.

ETA: Oh, there's a key fandom I forgot! To anyone who likes pixel horror games and can handle some pretty heavy subject matter, I highly recommend END ROLL!

Considering how near-silent I've been on here, if anyone has any questions regarding my fandoms and my opinions on them, just ask and I'll try and answer. :3

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Galatea [userpic]

2016 in my timezone

January 1st, 2016 (12:00 am)


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Galatea [userpic]

return of the dingdangs

December 2nd, 2015 (02:01 pm)

mood: embarrassed

So, there's been news about the latest installments in the Dangan Ronpa franchise! Both a new anime project that's set to conclude the story from the previous games, and a new game that's supposed to have a completely new cast and setting! Check out some PVs on the teaser site.

It's exciting stuff, but it's also reminded me that... although I've had Another Episode since the day it came out over here, I haven't played very much of it so far, and I feel bad about that. =/

It's not that I don't like the game -- I do, honestly. I think the big obstacle to me playing it too much is that there haven't been very many save points, so I've usually had to play for fairly long stretches at a time. Maybe I'm just spoiled rotten by how the first two games let me save pretty much whenever I want, but when I couple the lack of save points with the fact that I'm not very good at third-person shooters, it feels kind of mean.

I also seem to have had rotten luck with random drops. I've spent a lot of time running around with only one heart of health -- in fact, I think that's the state I was in last time I saved -- and I've nearly died a couple of times already (and have died once, but that was due to my own stupidity more than anything else; I misjudged where one Monokuma was throwing grenades, and poor Komaru ended up going boom for it). There's also the fact that even the standard Monokuma take about 3-4 bullets to kill if you're not aiming at their red eye, and while I've figured out a more efficient strategy since I got access to Dance bullets, it's not exactly nice to worry about not having enough ammo to save my own ass in a given situation.

I kind of wish I'd picked Genocide mode now. I went for the normal difficulty level because that's what I chose for the previous games and I didn't want to feel like a cheapskate, but... ah well. Genocider's so much fun to play as, though! And at least I've been doing well with the puzzles so far.

Moving away from the gameplay now to talk about characters and stuff... Spoilers for much of chapter 1; also some vague references to later revelationsCollapse )

Not sure what else I can say for now. I know that as far as my current progress in the game goes, I've just come out of the hospital for the second time after having been sent on something of a wild goose chase... I'll have to see how I do from that point on.

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Galatea [userpic]

another pinch of fandom salt

November 15th, 2015 (11:12 pm)

mood: annoyed

Am I the only European Fire Emblem fan anticipating Fates's English release who doesn't feel like throwing a tantrum over the fact we don't have a confirmed release date for our part of the world yet?

... more than likely not, but it sure feels that way when I keep seeing whiny posts about it in the tags on Tumblr. Good God, guys, lose the sense of entitlement already! It's a sad fact of life that we Europeans tend to get games later than North Americans -- one that I've been used to for over 20 years of being a gamer now -- and the gaps between releases aren't even usually as wide now as they used to be in the past! Besides, while I can't claim to know much of anything about the localisation process, I'm fairly sure it takes a bit of time to translate games into French, Spanish, German and whatnot for the European market; it's not just for Brits like myself.

Also, if the release pattern for Fates is anything like Awakening's, I don't think we'll be getting the game that much later than America. Awakening's dates were February 4th for America and April 19th for Europe (the latter of which happens to be exactly one year after the original Japanese release). That's only about two months later for us. Therefore, if Fates's American release date is February 19th, I'm going to make a guess that the European date will be around late April, give or take -- hardly "a ton of months later" like some people on Tumblr like to claim.

Whenever it does come out here, at least I'm going to be patient in the meantime.

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Galatea [userpic]

(no subject)

October 16th, 2015 (09:09 pm)

mood: frustrated

I thought I'd play Path of Radiance for the first time in several years in the hopes that I could finally make some progress (especially since it's the only FE game I have, not counting Radiant Dawn, that I haven't made recent progress in) but then I wound up dooming Kieran to an inevitable death on the second turn. How frustrating!

Part of it was down to bad luck, since Kieran missed with the hammer when trying to kill the enemy knight, but it's still mostly my own fault for putting him in range of the nearby cavalier in the first place. Sorry, Kieran.

Marcia got a level-up without gaining any stats anyway, so it wasn't such a huge loss that I messed up this time. At least the screw-up happened early in the map and not after I was over halfway through it, unlike that one time way back when...

(This is chapter 11, by the way.)

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Galatea [userpic]

(no subject)

October 12th, 2015 (05:53 pm)

mood: accomplished

Yes! Finally! I have all the kid characters in Awakening now!

It's only taken, what... almost two-and-a-half years since I originally got the game? How embarrassing! Still not as embarrassing as having games that are still unfinished after over a decade, though. >>;

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Galatea [userpic]

(no subject)

October 6th, 2015 (05:49 pm)

mood: okay

Another Awakening father-and-kid combination I like: Kellam and Severa. I've already got some cute ideas for headcanons in my mind, though I'd rather see their Future Past conversation first to make sure they aren't gonna be jossed before I might share them...

Severa's chapter wasn't nearly as hard as I've seen people make it out to be. Maybe they just think it's hard by Awakening's standards, and/or they're assuming players are going to come into it with considerably weaker units than I had at the time? (Most of my main peeps are around lv14-15 post-promotion; 'tis what happens when I grind them for the best skills before picking up the kids.) All I really did was send some characters ahead of Severa to clear the way for her... I had her take out the boss, too. That was a little bit of a gamble, as he had a 14% chance of critting her and I don't like fucking around too much with enemies who are remotely likely to crit me, but Noire helped out and killed him before he could even think of hitting back. :3

Both Severa's conversation with Holland mid-chapter and her conversation with Cordelia after finishing made me tear up a little. I know she's a polarising character, but I think I like her! I also liked her C support with Noire. Wouldn't be surprised if I end up shipping it!

Next stop: Laurent.

I've also cleared chapter 12 of Sacred Stones. I notice that it takes me a lot longer to finish chapters in that game than in Awakening. Is it because Awakening's a much easier game, or just because its gameplay is more streamlined, or both...?

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Galatea [userpic]

(no subject)

September 30th, 2015 (11:51 pm)

mood: good

Just cleared chapter 11 on Sacred Stones. Looks like I'm on a bit of a roll! And for a fog map, it actually wasn't too bad.

Chapter 12 is booting me straight into battle preparations without letting me go to the world map, but I expected it might do that, so I made sure to top up my characters' weapons and so on beforehand. The map looks doable enough, and if I'm being made to take the new prepromote, I'm sure I can get some good, efficient use out of him without him necessarily usurping my regular units. (Pretty handy that sages in this game can use anima and light magic and staves!) At first glance I got sad that L'Arachel doesn't start with a high enough rank in staves to use Restore in case anyone gets poisoned, but if Saleh starts with a C rank there, I can give him Restore and still use L'Ara as my main healer! :3

Man, I've missed this game. On some levels I wish I'd made a lot more progress back in the day, but on the other hand, I'm having fun playing it now and I'm probably making smarter tactical decisions than I might've done in the past. One particularly satisfying moment from the chapter I just cleared was luring some of the southeastern enemies up the narrow path outside so Lute could pick off the Deathgoyle from over the wall. I love being able to use the map design to my advantage, and when every unit I bring to a chapter gets to make an important contribution; those are things that I think I appreciate a lot more in the GBA games, somehow.

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Galatea [userpic]

(no subject)

September 29th, 2015 (12:18 am)

mood: accomplished
music: Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones - Shadows Approach

When I'm not-so-patiently waiting for a game to be released in my country, what's a good thing to do in the meantime? Play previous games in the series, of course! And that's exactly what I've been doing on-and-off with Fire Emblem lately.

In Awakening, I've got up to chapter 21 and have been picking up the second-gen characters here and there. Just six left to go now -- Severa, Laurent, Cynthia, Kjelle, Gerome and Morgan -- and my plan is to get Severa next as she's one of the ones I want most. I've heard that her chapter is quite irritating to do, but I'll have to try playing it for myself before I can judge... mind you, I took on both mercenary groups when doing Yarne's chapter and managed to come out of that okay (even if it got a bit hairy at times with so many enemies) and I know for a fact that Severa's chapter doesn't suddenly stick another big bunch of jerks on the map as soon as the battle starts, so even with the escort mission aspect, surely it can't be that much harder?

... I'm probably underestimating it now, aren't I? ^^;

Oh, and have I mentioned that I love Noire? Because I love Noire. She was immediately useful as soon as I got control of her in her chapter, and maybe this is just because her parents are key powerhouses in my usual team, but she's turned into a little goddess of destruction as I've leveled her up. ♥ Also, I've found that I really like Gaius as her dad, in between him offering her a candy wrapper to blow her nose on in their C support and Noire trying to make sweets in her C support with Owain. So what if his orange hair doesn't necessarily suit her?

Aaaand on a parting note with the kids, Olivia and Inigo have the cutest mother-and-son relationship I've seen in the game. ♥

Awakening isn't the only FE game I've been playing, though! Blazing Sword and Sacred Stones as well -- cut for lengthCollapse )

I'm tired now... about time I went to bed. I can sure write a lot of words late at night when I want to. >>;

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Galatea [userpic]

Poor DW, so neglected

June 29th, 2015 (12:32 am)

mood: okay

Breathing a bit of life into this thing with a GIP, because Fire Emblem had its trading card game rebooted a few days ago and Virion's art on one of the cards was too pretty to resist. ♥ Part of me still wishes I married my Avatar to him instead of holding out for Libra. They had surprisingly good chemistry, damn it! Never mind, though; there's always another playthrough.

Speaking of FE, the latest game in the series came out in Japan a few days ago as well! I want it so bad~. I don't know how well I can manage holding out for its Western release next year, because it all looks so exciting. D: (And yes, I have been spoiling myself like crazy.)

Too bad the fandom's been such a pain in the ass over it. Some complaints have been perfectly legitimate, but half the time I've just felt like smacking people in the Tumblr tags. I'm obviously no stranger to obnoxious fandoms, but I swear, FE fandom takes the cake for being downright unpleasable. ~.~;

I'm amused by how the salt seems to have given way to a lot more thirst now, though; the tags have had less bitching and more fawning over husbandos and waifus since all the character models were ripped from skinship mode. I have no idea how much I'd actually use that feature when I get the game for myself; I loved Pokémon Amie to pieces, but I think I might feel too embarrassed petting human characters! On the other hand, I have to ask myself: if Awakening had a skinship mode, would I be petting my favourite characters there already? ^^;

Oh, and as for which campaign I'd play first? I was leaning more towards Hoshido for a long time pre-release, but certain things seem to have made me defect to Team Nohr now.

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Galatea [userpic]

with barely 10 minutes of the day left...

February 11th, 2015 (11:49 pm)

mood: okay

It was my birthday today, and a very modest birthday at that, which I'm completely fine with.

I should update this thing with a proper entry, but I'll have to figure out something to write about first...

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(no subject)

December 25th, 2014 (09:40 am)

mood: chipper


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October 31st, 2014 (11:35 pm)

mood: accomplished

I've beaten DR! \o/

Man were the last couple of action segments stressful to play, even though I knew full well what I needed to do. Still, it was immensely satisfying to get through them, and the theme music kicking in when it did was badass.

Now that the main game's been cleared, I've dipped my toes into the School Mode that's just been unlocked. The intro was a good laugh, and it's so nice to see the whole cast again. ♥ (Feels kind of weird to see certain characters who died very early on, though... not that I'm complaining.) Haven't progressed beyond Monokuma's tutorial task yet, mind you.

I'll have to see how much poking around I do in School Mode before I move on to SDR2. I know I've said in my last couple of entries that I wanted to get my teeth in that game as soon as I could, but I feel a bit bad about it, y'know? Admittedly, I do like SDR2's cast better, but that doesn't mean I'm knocking on the first game or its cast by any means. =/ In that case, I think I'll play with DR's characters some more, now that I can more-or-less get FTEs at my own leisure. I didn't manage to fill out anyone's report card except for Chihiro's in the game proper anyway, so I'd like to do more of that sort of thing. Can't hurt to get a few more trophies!

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Galatea [userpic]

more dingdangs

October 25th, 2014 (07:46 pm)

I've reached Chapter 4's trial in DR.

A couple of thoughts I'm having on this chapter right now:

1. It's already made me cry. I wouldn't be at all surprised if I end up in pieces by the end of it, especially given that this was the saddest part of the game to me back when I was reading the old LP.

2. Now I'm starting to suck at BTBs. I did well on the one in Chapter 2 and was okay with the one in Chapter 3, but I definitely lost a couple of hearts on the one I just cleared. This had better not bode too badly for getting through the rest of the game... at the very least, I'll have to start making use of Fever Time instead of trying too hard to brave my way through opponents' Nega Times. Like I said before, rhythm games aren't my strong point. >>;

As for the game in general, I've been thinking again of unpopular opinions that I've had on the earlier chapters (especially Chapter 2) for quite some time. I haven't really seen the relevant topics come up in the fandom lately, though, so maybe it's a little pointless to make rants about them... for now, I'll just sum up my key grievances as "people demonising teenagers acting under emotional duress instead of bearing in mind who the real villain is" and "fans willfully missing the point of a character's entire story arc in favour of headcanons, infantilisation, and painting another character as worse than they actually are".

(While I mention teenagers, therein lies one of the big reasons why I've always thought of DR as a darker series than Ace Attorney. I'm not saying AA doesn't go to some pretty dark places in its own right, but the youngest murder victim was, what, 21? And the youngest culprit was 19, but slipped away at the time and didn't get done for anything until they were 20. In the DR games, on the other hand, all the main characters barring Hagakure are just teenagers. These are kids being made to face horrible deaths!)

Okay, back on track... I mentioned before that I was getting a bit more appreciation for Celes, didn't I? That still holds true, but ultimately, my opinion of her didn't change that much; at the end of the day, I have somewhat mixed feelings about her. Having said that, I've given some more thought to her, particularly as far as Chapter 3 goes; I don't have such a strong unpopular opinion on that chapter as I do on the first or second ones, but nonetheless, there's some things I'd eventually like to get out there on that subject.

That's all I can think to write about for now. I hope I can make it through the rest of the game without too much trouble, because as much as I really am enjoying this one, I'm already itching to start playing SDR2!

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Galatea [userpic]


October 13th, 2014 (10:00 pm)

mood: geeky
music: dingdang OST

I've been happily playing on the Vita since I got it the other day, and I'm now on the second chapter of actually playing Dangan Ronpa! (By which I mean the first game, of course; as much as I'd love to get my teeth into SDR2 as soon as I can, I feel like I should at least beat the original first.)

Man... I'd read the entire LP thread on Something Awful before, so I know full well what to expect from the whole first game... and yet events in Chapter 1 still had me tearing up. ;.; If that's how things are going to be, then I'm betting that Chapter 4 will destroy me when I get to that point.

Wibbly feelings aside, it is nice to actually be playing this thing for myself -- having crisp graphics on my screen, talking to the characters and hearing their voices, running around in the academy and looking at things in the hope of finding coins for the Monomono Machine, you name it. I did pretty well on the first trial, even if I felt like kicking myself at one point when I got a panel wrong on the closing statement; that said, I'm willing to bet they'll get quite a bit harder from here on out. I'm especially not looking forward to later BTBs... I was sort of dreading the very first one, given that rhythm games aren't really my strong point, but that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be (although was that just because I'm playing on medium difficulty and I had the Melodious Voice skill equipped?).

As for characters, so far my love for Chihiro has been thoroughly reaffirmed, as has my liking for Makoto (more specifically, the way he doesn't lose sight of who the real enemy is). Most of my other favourites are ones who show their best colours to me either later on or in Free Time events, but in the meantime, there are characters like Celes that I'm coming to have a little more appreciation for now than I did when I was first reading the LP. I'll have to see if my opinions change on anybody...

Speaking of Free Time events, I actually have a question about them: is there an invisible affection point counter, so to speak, where you need a certain number of points to be able to access characters' FTEs? I ask this because I just tried spending time with a particular character (whom I already got their first FTE with in Chapter 1) but after I gave them a present that they seemed to like just fine, Makoto just went straight back to his room without any further conversation with them. Did I do something wrong there? Did I just not get enough invisible points then, or did I just pick a bad time to try hanging out with Chihiro? =/

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Galatea [userpic]

(no subject)

October 11th, 2014 (12:14 pm)

mood: happy


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Galatea [userpic]

(no subject)

October 6th, 2014 (03:25 pm)

mood: good

Guess who's finally getting a PS Vita, about eight months after wondering if she ought to do so?

Sure took me long enough! ^^;

I've ordered Dangan Ronpa 1 and 2 along with it (plus a memory card, of course -- why are those things so damn expensive for Vita?!) so soon I'll be able to play those for myself at long last. There's some other games I have in mind that I want, too... at the very least, there's Tales of Hearts R coming out next month.

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Galatea [userpic]

Too much anime!

August 26th, 2014 (03:15 pm)

mood: nerdy
music: Aldnoah.Zero - aLIEz

I've been following a lot of current anime series this summer. Counting the ones that are continuing on from previous seasons, they are:

*Terror in Resonance
*Tokyo Ghoul
*Free! Eternal Summer
*Captain Earth
*Space Dandy

That's seven series -- some of which I'm enjoying more than others, admittedly. And yet what have I started to do as of a few days ago?

I've added another current series to my list of things I'm watching -- namely, Monthly Shoujo Nozaki-kun!

Eight shows is an awful lot to have on my plate in one season, and that's without counting anything non-current that I'd like to be watching! ^^;

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(no subject)

June 30th, 2014 (12:13 pm)

mood: okay

I should get back into using this thing! I know I've said things along those lines before without them coming to anything, and there's a good chance I'll still be quiet here, but I think I should be more firm about it this time...

Let's start with a life update, shall we? It's not the happiest one, because my job ended in the middle of May. D: It's nobody's fault, as such; I didn't want to go, and my bosses didn't want me to go either, but the contract ended and the company's so small that there just wasn't enough money in the business to keep me on. So that means I'm job-hunting again. I feel like there's more out there on the job market than there was before, but still, I miss the job I had. I really enjoyed it there. ;.;

Some rather expensive things happened in the last month, too, but I'd rather not get into that in a public entry... but other than all that, I've been doing okay!

I don't know if I'll actually break the habit of leaving my poor old journal abandoned for several weeks at a time, but at least it's around for me if I need somewhere private for my thoughts on anything, which is more than can be said about a certain other blog I've been using more often... *cough cough*

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(no subject)

February 16th, 2014 (12:04 pm)

mood: sore

Urgh. I've got this irritating cold right now. ~.~;

My 27th birthday came and went on Tuesday; I didn't bother announcing it at the time this year because it was so uneventful, though I did get some nice happy-belated-birthdays on Tumblr when the fact did get out. I feel like I've gotten to the age where birthdays are just any other day to me, at least when they're not a major milestone...

The house has also been practically turned upside-down in the last week or so. The lounge and dining room have been decorated with new wallpaper and stuff that makes them look so much better than they did before, and the last of the new carpets will be going down tomorrow. There's been a lot of upheaval in the process, but the results have been worth it even just based on what's been done now. Besides, the old carpets were a horrible colour and felt almost like cardboard to step on with bare feet; I'm glad they're being replaced with something much nicer and softer.

On the fandom side of things, apart from my usual splurging of Utena feels on Tumblr, I should be finally getting my non-handheld games consoles unpacked soon (I kept putting it off when we first moved to the new house, and then they had to be put off a little longer anyway because of the new carpets) so I might be catching up on games and anime on that front. Also, since Dangan Ronpa has now been officially released in English, I'm wondering if I should get a PS Vita so I can actually play it for myself...

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Where did the year go?

December 31st, 2013 (10:48 pm)

mood: okay

Since I didn't make an update at Christmas time, I'd like to say that I hope everyone had a good holiday season!

2013 has been kind of a mixed bag for me. On one hand, my mum and I moved to a smaller house that has a lot of things to be sorted out, and I did indeed get a new computer a few days after my last post here since the old one was bluescreening all over the place. On the other, my fourth doggy became part of the family at the beginning of the year (I really need to do a post about my dogs at some point...) and I did finally get a paid job as well, so the year has been pretty good in that sense.

Now, back to spending the last hour or so of the year watching bizarre documentries on TV, which is also pretty much what we did at the end of 2012. Hey, it's one way to see the year out! >>;

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(no subject)

November 27th, 2013 (03:20 pm)

mood: worried

I think I need to get a new computer soon. =/

I shouldn't be surprised by how it's acting up now, since it is about six years old, but it's still a pretty harsh wake-up call.

I also need to look into getting an external harddrive, or at least something on which i can back up stuff that can't fit onto my USB stick.

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(no subject)

November 13th, 2013 (09:59 pm)

mood: okay

I'm back! :D

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