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Galatea [userpic]

September 29th, 2015 (12:18 am)

mood: accomplished
music: Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones - Shadows Approach

When I'm not-so-patiently waiting for a game to be released in my country, what's a good thing to do in the meantime? Play previous games in the series, of course! And that's exactly what I've been doing on-and-off with Fire Emblem lately.

In Awakening, I've got up to chapter 21 and have been picking up the second-gen characters here and there. Just six left to go now -- Severa, Laurent, Cynthia, Kjelle, Gerome and Morgan -- and my plan is to get Severa next as she's one of the ones I want most. I've heard that her chapter is quite irritating to do, but I'll have to try playing it for myself before I can judge... mind you, I took on both mercenary groups when doing Yarne's chapter and managed to come out of that okay (even if it got a bit hairy at times with so many enemies) and I know for a fact that Severa's chapter doesn't suddenly stick another big bunch of jerks on the map as soon as the battle starts, so even with the escort mission aspect, surely it can't be that much harder?

... I'm probably underestimating it now, aren't I? ^^;

Oh, and have I mentioned that I love Noire? Because I love Noire. She was immediately useful as soon as I got control of her in her chapter, and maybe this is just because her parents are key powerhouses in my usual team, but she's turned into a little goddess of destruction as I've leveled her up. ♥ Also, I've found that I really like Gaius as her dad, in between him offering her a candy wrapper to blow her nose on in their C support and Noire trying to make sweets in her C support with Owain. So what if his orange hair doesn't necessarily suit her?

Aaaand on a parting note with the kids, Olivia and Inigo have the cutest mother-and-son relationship I've seen in the game. ♥

Awakening isn't the only FE game I've been playing, though! I've come back to the GBA games for the first time in years as well. Just the other day, I poked at chapter 19 of Blazing Sword in kind of a "let's see how far I get" way after having stalled on it for so long, and I beat it! Granted, perhaps it's not that hard a chapter, especially considering it's sandwiched between two fog maps, but I've always found it kind of intimidating -- at least in the sense of ensuring that I safely recruit Legault and snag the member card off that one thief reinforcement. Once I had my card and my hot bisexual thief in the bag, though, the rest of the chapter went much more comfortably. I just wish my satisfaction over beating it wasn't ruined by sitting around gaining support points at the end! (I'd forgotten how tedious the GBA games' support system could be...)

At least I can reassure myself that I can still play FE games the old-fashioned way, because if I'm intending to go for Nohr first when I get Fates, I'll most likely have to take a more old-fashioned approach to its maps. Can't say I miss having to manually check enemy movement ranges all the time, though; thank God Path of Radiance introduced the ability to keep their ranges highlighted! (Speaking of which, one day I shall finally get past chapter 11 in that game... one day... I'm still smarting over how I spent so long on that chapter only for Lethe to get killed by the Black Knight so long ago. Old grudges sure die hard.)

Next up in Blazing Sword is chapter 20, and apart from the usual Fog of War Problems, I can barely remember how I handled that map on my original playthrough! I do recall the wyvern riders giving me a hard time back in the day... on the other hand, my army's much better leveled this time around than it was back then, so it may well go a bit more smoothly this time.

Lastly, earlier today (technically yesterday now) I finally beat chapter 10 of Sacred Stones! That's another one that intimidated me for a long time, and in this case it's largely because of working out how to recruit Marisa safely; doing so got really fraught (poor Gerik took some punishment, I had to take a risk with Tana sniping at an axe enemy with an unwieldy javelin, though luckily she's very awesome, and I think the only reason I pulled it off at all was because I sent Seth down to help just in time) but I managed to do it, and I'm super pleased that I was able to finish the chapter after literally several years of being stalled on it.

The next chapter is... another fog one. Whoopee. And unlike Blazing Sword's chapter 20, it's totally unchartered territory for me. I'll have to figure out how best to get to L'Arachel and Dozla; do I send Eirika down the eastern edge, or have her go the long way round through the building itself...? At least it doesn't look like I'll be grinding in the tower for this one like I did for the previous chapter.

I'm tired now... about time I went to bed. I can sure write a lot of words late at night when I want to. >>;

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