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Galatea [userpic]

return of the dingdangs

December 2nd, 2015 (02:01 pm)

mood: embarrassed

So, there's been news about the latest installments in the Dangan Ronpa franchise! Both a new anime project that's set to conclude the story from the previous games, and a new game that's supposed to have a completely new cast and setting! Check out some PVs on the teaser site.

It's exciting stuff, but it's also reminded me that... although I've had Another Episode since the day it came out over here, I haven't played very much of it so far, and I feel bad about that. =/

It's not that I don't like the game -- I do, honestly. I think the big obstacle to me playing it too much is that there haven't been very many save points, so I've usually had to play for fairly long stretches at a time. Maybe I'm just spoiled rotten by how the first two games let me save pretty much whenever I want, but when I couple the lack of save points with the fact that I'm not very good at third-person shooters, it feels kind of mean.

I also seem to have had rotten luck with random drops. I've spent a lot of time running around with only one heart of health -- in fact, I think that's the state I was in last time I saved -- and I've nearly died a couple of times already (and have died once, but that was due to my own stupidity more than anything else; I misjudged where one Monokuma was throwing grenades, and poor Komaru ended up going boom for it). There's also the fact that even the standard Monokuma take about 3-4 bullets to kill if you're not aiming at their red eye, and while I've figured out a more efficient strategy since I got access to Dance bullets, it's not exactly nice to worry about not having enough ammo to save my own ass in a given situation.

I kind of wish I'd picked Genocide mode now. I went for the normal difficulty level because that's what I chose for the previous games and I didn't want to feel like a cheapskate, but... ah well. Genocider's so much fun to play as, though! And at least I've been doing well with the puzzles so far.

Moving away from the gameplay now to talk about characters and stuff...

I love the Warriors of Hope so far, to the point where I almost forgot they were the main antagonists for a moment when they were doing their (rather lengthy) introductions. ^^; That said, a certain someone has already proven to be a tad unsettling.

Kotoko's my favourite Warrior. Sadly, since I already know what her backstory is since I looked at spoilers back when this game first came out in Japan, I've already found some of the things she says quite painful to listen to -- including one line that doesn't sound too bad on its own, but became pure OH GOD NO once I thought about it for a bit. I'm going to be crying for her later on, I just know it...

Also, if I didn't know better I'd be shipping her with Monaca. >>;

Speaking of shipping, I've been enjoying the banter between Komaru and Touko so far and am looking forward to how their relationship develops later on -- and how their individual characters develop, for that matter! I loved Touko in her original game and I still love her now. Even if her 70s shoujo schlick fantasies are weird.

As for Komaru herself, I feel sorry for her so far. She's just a scared, ordinary girl in a terrifying situation, and she's scarcely caught a break at all as far as I've played.

Yuta was kind of cute. Shame I already knew how that particular segment ended. =/

LOL Nagito. I swear, "Trapped by the Ocean Scent" is pretty much his theme music.

Not sure what else I can say for now. I know that as far as my current progress in the game goes, I've just come out of the hospital for the second time after having been sent on something of a wild goose chase... I'll have to see how I do from that point on.

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